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Consume SDK through Package Reference

To consume the generated SDK through package reference, follow these steps.

The generated client library uses a few dependencies like `Jackson`, `OkHttp`, `ApacheHttpClient` that have already been added in the *pom.xml* file. On startup, these dependencies will be installed automatically.

This section explains how to consume an SDK in eclipse 2022-09.

Now, let's add the package reference in your application.

  1. Open the downloaded client library in your Java IDE.

  2. Start a new project by clicking on File -> New -> Project....

  3. Next choose Maven -> Maven Project and click on the Next button.

  4. In the New Maven Project, make sure to check the Use default Workspace location checkbox. Click Next.

  5. You'll be asked to Select an Archetype next. Select the quick start project type and from the list, select maven-archetype-quickstart item to create a simple project and click on the Next button.

You can start writing code in the ___ method.

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