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OAS Support in SDKs

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Endpoint Properties

SDL PropertyOpenAPI FeatureTypePurposeLanguage Support
OptionalrequiredboolDetermines whether this setting is mandatory.
NullablenullableboolDetermines whether this setting can have a null value.
HasOptionalQueryParamsallowEmptyValueboolSets the ability to pass parameters with null value.
HasOptionalFieldParamsrequiredboolDetermines whether this endpoint can have empty field parameters.
ExternalDocumentationexternalDocsExternalDocumentationAdditional external documentation for this tag.-
RequiredScopesscopesList<string>List of OAuth 2.0 scopes required by this endpoint.?
DeprecateddeprecatedboolIdentifies whether this endpoint is deprecated or not.
MethodNamenamestringUsed instead of Name for generating method names in SDKs.
ResponsesresponsesOrderedDictionary<string, Response>Dictionary of possible endpoint responses.

Field Properties

SDL PropertyOpenAPI FeatureTypePurposeLanguage Support
OptionalrequiredboolStates if this parameter is optional or not.
IsArrayitemsboolDetermines whether an object is an array or not.
IsMapadditionalPropertiesboolDetermines whether an object is of type Map.
ExternalDocumentationexternalDocsExternalDocumentationAdditional external documentation.-
DeprecateddeprecatedboolIdentifies whether this field is deprecated or not.
NullablenullableboolIf enabled, field is skipped during JSON serialization.
ExamplesexamplesList<Example>List of examples for this field.?
XmlAttributesxmlFieldXmlAttributesAdds additional support for XML attributes for this field.

Parameter Properties

SDL PropertyOpenAPI FeatureTypePurposeLanguage Support
FormEncodingEncodingFormEncodingAllows defining “headers” for each individual part in a multipart request. Currently only allows content-type headers.