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Welcome to the APIMATIC Documentation

APIMatic is a Developer Experience Platform for APIs. With APIMatic you can Define APIs, Transform API Specifications, Auto Generate SDKs and Documentation, and host all of that on completely customizable API Portals.

The platform is comprised of three products:

  • Developer Experience Portal
  • Code-Gen as A Service
  • API Transformer
Looking for our API?

APIMATIC CodeGen is also available as an API.

Supported targets for Code Generation include:

There’s a lot that you can do with APIMatic:

  • Generate Client Libraries in 10 Languages. Just define your API and APIMatic will generate SDKs in languages of your choice.
  • Generate Language Specific Documentation. APIMatic will produce tailored tutorials and detailed usage instructions for each SDK you generate.
  • Test your SDK after generating it. Just define your test cases and APIMATIC will generate the test code in the same language as the SDK.
  • Get code samples for your generated SDK. APIMatic will produce reactive code samples for the SDKs you generate. You can play with the code samples straight away on the Live API console.
  • Integrate into your CI/CD pipeline. Use our public API to generate SDKs and update your docs portal as soon as your API description changes.
  • Convert API Specifications. Bring your API Description file and convert it into 15 different formats.
  • Deploy SDKs. Deploy your SDKs on GitHub or publish them as packages on your favourite package manager.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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{{< menubox title="Testing your API" link="testing/overview" image="images/debug.svg" >}}

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