Field Types

Whether you are defining the type of request parameters for an endpoint, types of endpoint responses or type of fields of a complex type Model you need to know about the available types. The type can be primitive or complex.

Native/Scalar Types

StringString type e.g. string, NSString*“hello world”
BooleanBoolean type e.g. bool, BOOLtrue
NumberInteger type e.g. int, Integer1
PrecisionNumerical precision e.g. double1.5
DateTimeDate and Time type, e.g. Datetime2016-03-13T12:52:32.123Z
DateDate type, e.g. Datetime with time nullified2016-03-13

DateTime Format

The attribute, DateTime Format, can be specified with the DateTime types. It is the format string for the particular parameter, response or property. The supported formats are:

Rfc3339ISO8601 full date time string2016-03-13T12:52:32.123Z
Rfc1123HTTP formatted date stringMon, 15 Jun 2009 20:45:30 GMT
UnixTimestampUnix or Epoch time. Seconds since Jan 01 1970 UTC1480809600

Note   The specified datetimes will be serialized and deserialized according to the date format chosen.

Additional Types

TypeApplicable ToDescription
VoidResponse TypeResponse is empty and has no type
DynamicAllIf the type schema is not known or cannot be easily defined, you may use the Dynamic option
BinaryModel Field Type, Endpoint Response TypeBinary data, e.g. stream, NSData*
LongEndpoint Parameter Type, Model Field TypeLong type e.g. long, Long
FileEndpoint Parameter TypeA file to be uploaded
UUIDEndpoint Parameter Type, Model Field TypeThis type will store a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Complex Types

All custom types described in the Models of the API are considered complex types.

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