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Support Added for OpenAPI v3 Discriminator Mapping Information

路 3 min read

The Discriminator object in OpenAPI v3 supports a set of mapping values that helps determine which schema to map to based on the discriminator property's value in the payload. We have now added support for this set of mapping values in our OpenAPI v3 import and export. Previously, only the key or title of each schema involved in the hierarchy was considered as its discriminator value or one provided using the x-discriminator-value extension.

Improvements and Changes to Validation Messages

路 5 min read

Based on internal and customer feedback, we have revamped our validation messages shown to users during import or generation of artifacts like SDKs/Portal, etc. This release improves message content, introduces a couple of new validation messages and changes severity of some of the older messages.

OpenAPI Fix for HTTP Bearer Authentication

路 One min read

We have released a fix for HTTP Bearer authentication type in our OpenAPI import/transformation which was previously treating JWT as the default bearer authentication type. However, this will no longer be the case unless the bearerFormat in OpenAPI explicitly declares the format to be JWT.

APIMatic Code Generator V3

路 24 min read

APIMatic V3 (codenamed Titan) is APIMatic's largest release to date, bringing some major improvements to the Code Generator, the API Portal and the portal publishing flow. This changelog covers the new features and improvements in the updated APIMatic Code Generator which now generates vastly improved SDKs.