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· 3 min read

Support for union types and other type constructs (oneOf, anyOf, not) has now been added to API Transformer and can also affect how your import in the Dashboard works. Re-transform/re-import your files to get these latest changes. Learn more about how (and if) these changes will affect you if you use any of these constructs in your API specification file.

· 3 min read

API Transformer now preserves XML examples and XML serialization attributes like XML node name, prefix, namespace, etc. which reduces loss of information when converting between popular formats that support XML like OAS, RAML, WSDL, WADL, etc.

· One min read

Postman recently introduced API Key authentication in its latest app and corresponding Postman Collection versions. API Transformer and other APIMatic products now support this feature for all import/export purposes. In addition to this, we now also handle disabled request bodies (another new feature introduced by Postman) when importing Collection files.

· 2 min read

We've added logging to our Java SDKs. Logging-enabled SDKs will log important events in the API lifecycle for troubleshooting or debugging later.