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· 4 min read

We have incorporated oneOf and anyOf discriminator and meta case support in Java SDKs to enable seamless value mapping. This enhancement enhances the versatility and ease of use of our Java SDKs, allowing developers to efficiently handle complex data structures and streamline their workflow.

· 6 min read

APIMatic has introduced core libraries to provide a stable runtime that powers all functionality of our SDKs. In this release, we have revamped our Java SDKs to improve the code quality and provide better test coverage.

· 2 min read

OAS allows you to set optional/required properties in models. While serializing a model, optional properties will be omitted if the value of property is not set (i.e. initialized with null) and, required properties will be serialized in any case. This is a case of factoring schema in oneOf/anyOf. Now with this support, you can define properties with the same names but with different optional/required constraints in request/response of an endpoint.