HAR Parser Improved - Added Missing Features, Bug Fixes

Release DateFeb 27, 2018
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Platforms Affected

    Our Transformer tool has been supporting HTTP Archive (HAR) format for a long time now. With the addition of new features to our APIMatic tool (e.g. support of multiple servers), there were a few updates required in our HAR parsers. In this regard, several missing features were added and some bugs were also fixed.


    New Features

    • Added missing support for request headers
    • Added missing support for binary responses
    • Added missing support for raw body requests
    • Added support for generating model definitions from error responses that returned JSON content
    • Added support for auto-generating test cases from the example values provided for paramteres, responses, etc.
    • Added support for multiple servers which would help give a better output for requests involving different base URIs.

    Bug Fixes

    • The request URL information was in most cases not parsed correctly.
    • Responses that returned no content were still assumed to have a default type definition.

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