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Introducing API Specification Export, Error Message Enhancements in Self Hosted API Portals

· 2 min read

APIMatic’s Self Hosted Portal offering has been augmented with the following enhancements:

  • API Specification export
  • Detailed and informative exception messages
  • Ignore MacOS specific files in build input


Support for API Specification Export Added

APIMatic’s hosted API Portals allow the API specification to be downloaded in 10+ different formats. These specifications are auto-generated; the API owner is only required to maintain the specification in a single format.

With this release, this feature is also available for self hosted API portals. Use the enableExport property in the APIMATIC-BUILD.json file to enable this feature in your self hosted API portals as shown:

"generatePortal": {

"portalSettings": {
"enableExport": "true"

Ignore MacOS Specific Files in Build Input

While creating a zipped archive for the build input, MacOS inserts the following files and directories into the zipped archive:

  • .DS_Store

Previously, these files caused portal generation to fail and had to be manually removed from the build input. With the new release, these files will not cause issues during portal generation, hence do not need to be removed from the build input.

Introducing Detailed Exception Messages

The API used for generating self hosted portals has been improved to provide more detailed error messages in place of generic exception messages. An example is given below:

Previous Error 400 Bad Request

New Error Docs generation for java not allowed by your license. Templates supported by your license are: python, ruby