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Introducing Fix My OpenAPI VS Code Extension v0.5.0-beta

· 4 min read

We've released the latest version 0.5.0-beta of our FixMyOpenAPI VS Code extension with new features and improvements for better OpenAPI spec validation. You may upgrade now to enhance your API development workflow!


Improved User Experience

  • Getting Started Guide: A new walkthrough to help users get started with the extension quickly.
  • Large Workspace Validation: Informational message with an option to cancel long-running validations (> 20 seconds) for large workspaces.
  • Clearer View Names: Renamed "Violations at Current File Position" to "Active Violations" for better understanding.
  • Enhanced Validation Summary:
    • New "Code Generation" and "Documentation" categories for easier navigation.
    • Improved tooltips with user-friendly descriptions.
    • Added collapsing functionality for better organization.
  • Synchronized Views: Validation Summary now reacts to selected violations in the Active Violations view. A "Selected" category in Active Violations displays details of the chosen violation.
  • Active Violations View Enhancements:
    • Option to show all build messages at the start of the main API definition file.
    • Display of file information in violation details.
  • File Navigator Improvements:
    • Loading view while the view is populating.
    • Ability to exclude files/folders using a new "Exclude" option.
    • Automatic highlighting of the active file in the editor.
    • Faster loading times.
  • Improved Status Bar: Fixed glitches in messages caused by multiple components updating simultaneously.
  • Help and User Session:
    • Renamed "Report Issues" to "Help" with enhanced content and default visibility.
    • Option to start the Getting Started walkthrough from Help.
    • Manage Session view now visible by default with options to close the workspace and reset & logout.
    • Improved confirmation message for logout.
  • File Recognition: Fixed issue of OpenAPI files not being recognized due to JSON/YAML syntax errors.
  • Performance Optimizations:
    • Reduced number of API workspace validation calls.
    • Faster File Navigator loading and Build feature execution times.
  • Auto-fixing: Added support for auto-fixing actions that involve file creation with undo functionality.
  • General Fixes:
    • Resolved issues with editor diagnostic messages persisting, workspace closing behavior, export/transform functionality, workspace opening responsiveness, empty workspace error, and status bar message visibility.
    • Fixed empty main API file import on Linux.
    • Improved messages for File Navigator refresh.

API Validator Updates

We are actively expanding our set of validation/linting rules to better validate an OpenAPI definition. In pursuit of this goal, we have added certain rules to our existing rulesets.

OpenAPI v3 APIMatic Linting

Newly Added Rules

OpenAPI v3 APIMatic Syntax Linting

Newly Added Rules

OpenAPI v3 Syntax Linting for APIMatic Code Generation

Newly Added Rules

OpenAPI v3 Syntax Linting for APIMatic Portal Generation

Newly Added Rules