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This rule belongs to the apimatic-preliminary-validation ruleset and states that:

The metadata provided for the various cases of the type combinators (anyOf, oneOf or not) must match the total number of cases present.

Maximum SeverityWarning
MessageMismatch found between number of type combinator cases and the provided metadata for those cases.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategoryTypes
Products ImpactedCode Generation, Developer Experience Portal, API Transformer
Tagspreliminary checks validation apimatic metadata anyOf oneOf not type combinator

Suggested Fixes

  • Make sure that if you have specified any metadata for anyOf/oneOf/not cases, the metadata is specified for each of those cases so that the count of the metadata list matches the count of cases present.
  • Perhaps you forgot to specify metadata for a case?
  • Make sure that the metadata information for all cases is valid i.e. any required information like name, description, etc. is not missing.