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This rule belongs to the input-file-validation ruleset and states that:

For multi-file upload, the files must consist of a single main API description file only while the rest of the files must be related in some way to this main file e.g. files referenced by the main file. Including multiple main API description files (e.g. multiple OpenAPI files or an OpenAPI file along with a RAML file, etc.) is not allowed. If multiple main files are discovered, only the first will be considered.

Maximum SeverityWarning
MessageMultiple main API description files detected in the files uploaded.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategoryFile I/O Content
Tagsapi specification api file validation main file format api description format data description format

Suggested Fixes

  • A main file serves as the entry point. Multiple entry points are therefore not recommended to prevent any issues in the output.
  • A main file is recommended to be an API description file like OpenAPI, RAML, etc. If no API description file is found, the first data description format like JSON Data, JSON Schema, etc. will be picked up as the main file.
  • Ideally, the main file should be placed in the root folder. No other main files must be present.
  • Make sure that there is only one main file in the uploaded files. Remove any extra files and then re-upload.
  • Make sure that the file contents are complete as that can hinder correct identification.

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