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This rule belongs to the json-validation ruleset and states that:

A property of JSON is identified uniquely with a key, which must be followed by a property value. The key and value must be separated by a semi-colon : and nothing else must be present between them.

Maximum SeverityBlocking
MessageJSON data is invalid as a forbidden character was encountered after parsing property name.
Rule SystemSyntax
Broad CategoryJSON Property Key
Tagsjson data preliminary checks validation json property key identifier value separator

Suggested Fixes

  • Make sure that the property key/identifier and value are separated by a semi-colon.
  • Remove any extra content between property key name and the ':' separator.
  • Make sure that the property key/identifier is properly quoted and there is no missing starting/ending quotation mark.
  • If property key name is quoted, ensure that there are no extra trailing/leading quotation marks around the property key name.
  • Make sure that the property key is properly escaped.

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