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This rule belongs to the openapi-v3-apimatic-syntax-linting ruleset and states that:

Keep trailing slashes off of paths, as it can cause some confusion. Some web tooling (like mock servers, real servers, code generators, application frameworks, etc.) will treat and as the same thing, but other tooling will not. Avoid any confusion by just documenting them without the slash, and maybe some tooling will let people shove a / on there when they're using it or maybe not, but at least the docs are suggesting how it should be done properly.

Maximum SeverityWarning
MessagePath key should not have a trailing slash.
Rule SystemSyntax
Broad CategoryOpenAPI Paths
Products ImpactedAPI Transformer, Code Generation, Developer Experience Portal
Tagsopenapi3 openapi syntax linting apimatic path trailing slash

Suggested Fixes

  • Ensure that there is no trailing slash in path keys.

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