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This rule belongs to the openapi-v3-standards-linting ruleset and states that:

If $schema is defined explicitly in a Schema Object of the OpenAPI document, it overrides the default schema dialect specified using jsonSchemaDialect in the OpenAPI Object or the implicit OpenAPI dialect schema Id if jsonSchemaDialect is not set. An exception to this rule is for schemas defined in external non-OAS documents.

Maximum SeverityInformation
Message$schema used in Schema Object overrides the default OAS schema dialect.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategorySchemas
Products ImpactedAPI Transformer, Code Generation, Developer Experience Portal
Tagsopenapi3 openapi standards semantic linting $schema dialect schema

Suggested Fixes

  • If you do not wish to override the default schema dialects (specified either using jsonSchemaDialect or via the implicit OAS dialect schema Id), consider removing the $schema property from Schema Objects of OAS documents.

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