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This rule belongs to the openapi-v3-standards-validation ruleset and states that:

The property operationId in the Link Object must refer uniquely to a pre-existing Operation Object in the current API document.

Maximum SeverityError
MessageOperation Object referenced by the Link Object via operationId does not exist.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategoryLinks
Products ImpactedAPI Transformer, Code Generation, Developer Experience Portal
Tagsopenapi3 openapi standards semantic validation id operation id operation link

Suggested Fixes

  • Ensure that the value of operation's id is not null or empty.
  • Make sure that the id referenced in the Link Object matches exactly with the operationId of an Operation Object in the current API document. Id is compared in a case-sensitive manner.
  • Make sure that the Operation Object you are referencing is already defined in the current API document.
  • Ensure that there is only one instance of an operation with the given operationId i.e. the operationId is unique among all operations in the document.

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