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This rule belongs to the raml-validation ruleset and states that:

Value of a RAML standard property must be in accordance with the type set by the standard for that property.

Maximum SeverityBlocking
MessageProperty value has an invalid/unexpected type.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategoryBasic Structure
Products ImpactedAPI Transformer, Code Generation, Developer Experience Portal
Tagsraml semantic validation type property value property

Suggested Fixes

  • If an array is expected, ensure that the array items are defined below the property key. Ensure that all items are preceded by a dash '-' followed by a single space. They all must also be indented by two spaces or any consistent amount of whitespace.
  • Since RAML uses YAML, the indentation level determines the nesting level and it is important to take care of that to avoid any kind of trouble.
  • If an array is not expected, ensure that your value contains a single item only.
  • If a numeric value is expected, ensure that your value is a valid number and it is not surrounded by single or double quotes.
  • If a string value is expected, ensure that it is escaped properly and surrounded by quotes if necessary. For multi-line strings, ensure you make the correct use of '|' or '>' characters.
  • If an object is expected, ensure that your value is a key-value map where each key-value pair is indented in a consistent manner. The key-value pairs should start below the property key.

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