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Introducing APIMatic Kubernetes Operator

· One min read

APIMatic now has good news for all those who want to use APIMatic as a containerized application with Kubernetes via the APIMatic Kubernetes Operator deployed through different methods.

APIMatic Kubernetes Operator to Ease On-Premise Deployment

APIMatic is available as a containerized application for customers with strict security and availability requirements. APIMatic Kubernetes Operator simplifies the configuration and lifecycle management of the APIMatic code and docs generation solution on different Kubernetes distributions and cuts down the setup process for Kubernetes to minutes, allowing users to instantly get up and running with APIMatic on their own infrastructure.

APIMatic Kubernetes Operator

APIMatic Kubernetes Operator can be deployed via different options: Direct Deployment and OLM(Operator Lifecycle Manager) Deployment. Direct deployment is where all the instances are externally accessible and OLM deployment includes OLM, a component of the Operator framework, that manages Operators in an effective and scalable way.

For details on the Operator, have a look at APIMatic Kubernetes Documentation and for APIMatic's on-premise offerings contact