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Announcing New Features in SDK Generation in Multiple Languages

· 3 min read

APIMatic now has good news for all those who use our SDKs. We now support all the popular features given below for the SDK generation in multiple languages. You can now use these features in your API specifications for generating SDKs.

oneOf & anyOf Support Added in Python, Java, and PHP SDKs

oneOf & anyOf is a popular feature in OpenAPI and RAML specification which gives the ability to create a complex schema, or validate a value against multiple criterias. Customers who have defined it in their API specifications expect that our SDKs support this feature.

Hence, oneOf and anyOf support has been added in Python, Java, and PHP SDKs with known limitations.

Multiple Authentication Support Added in Python SDK

Some REST APIs support several authentication types making it a popular feature in OpenAPI and RAML specification. Customers or prospects who have defined this in their API specifications expect that our SDKs have the ability to support a combination of different authentication schemes.

Therefore, multiple authentication support has been added in Python SDK, and we are working on adding the support to other languages.

Retries and Backoff Support Added in PHP and TypeScript SDK

An SDK that does API calls to an API server is prone to problems like momentary loss of network connectivity, temporary unavailability of the API server, and timeouts that occur when the API server is busy. For such a situation if the API call is retried after a specified interval, then the API call will be successful and the client application will not face an error for the API call.

Following this, retries and backoff support has been added in PHP and TyepScript SDKs. Therefore, now all 6 language SDKs have support for retries with exponential backoff.

Ability to Pass Http Client Added in Python, Ruby and TypeScript SDK

To make an API call, each SDK uses an HttpClient particular to that language or framework. Previously developers using APIMatic’s SDKs didnot have the ability to pass their own configured instance of Http Client. Hence, providing them with this ability would increase their control over how they want the Http Client to make the API calls.

Therefore, Http Client support has been added to pass instances in Python, Ruby, and TypeScript SDKs.Therefore, now all 6 language SDKs have this support.

Complex types in Query Parameters Support Added in C#, Java, Ruby and Python SDKs

OAS allows to define schemas or complex types in query parameters. This is becoming a popular mode of data transmission by different API providers. Therefore, SDKs should have the ability to transmit complex types via query parameters while respecting the serialization format specified for them.

Now, support for complex types in query parameters has been added in C#, Java, Ruby and Python SDKs.