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Introducing APIMatic Proxy 2.0 for Self-hosted Portals and XML Calls

· 2 min read

We have enhanced the support to call API endpoints via the APIMatic Proxy for API Portals.


The new APIMatic Proxy 2.0 has been deployed for all customers who had the API Proxy enabled for their API Portals. The new Proxy reduces the response times for all API calls made through the API Playground when using the API Portal. Besides that, there are some new features as well:

  • APIMatic Proxy 2.0 now supports XML based API calls. Previously, we were only supporting JSON based API calls.
  • APIMatic Proxy 2.0 can now be used with the Self-Hosted API Portals. You can enable the Proxy in the Build file like this when generating a new API Portal:
    "generatePortal": {
    "portalSettings": {
    "useProxyForConsoleCalls": true

When should I use the APIMatic Proxy?

Our API Portal has the ability to call API endpoints via the API Playground. However most APIs do not support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) which requires them to be handled indirectly via a server. The API Playground makes these calls using a proxy hosted at APIMatic which enables the API Playground to work for most of the APIs regardless of browser limitations.

Making API calls from browsers using CORS places additional restrictions on the headers that can be sent in request and received in response. If these limitations are a problem, we suggest relying on APIMatic's proxy.