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Changed the List of Supported Fonts for Heading, Body and Code in the Developer Portal

· 2 min read

​ In the Developer Portal, users can update the heading, body and code fonts. For the hosted portal, the user can select list of fonts available on the portal editor. For the self-hosted portal, the web font URL can be provided as part of the portal settings in the build file.

Hosted Portal Users

In the API developer portal, the list of available fonts in the portal editor is updated for code, body and headings.

The following fonts are now supported for the respective sections.

Heading and Body Fonts

  • Rubik (default)
  • Roboto
  • Inter
  • Open Sans
  • Montserrat ​

Code Fonts

  • Courier Prime (default)
  • Anonymous Pro
  • IBM Plex Mono


The current change will not affect the already existing published portals. Please make sure to select the valid font when re-publishing the portal.

Self Hosted Portal Users

The self-hosted portal users need to provide Web Font URLs in the portal setting in the build file as shown below. For more details please refer to the documentation.

"generatePortal": {
"portalSettings": {
"themeOverrides": {
"fontSource": [

Font Weights

Please make sure that the following font weights are available in the provided web fonts in order to avoid any font related issues.

  • 300 & 300i
  • 400 & 400i
  • 500 & 500i
  • 600 & 600i
  • 700 & 700i
  • 800 & 800i
  • 900 & 900i