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Major Release of Developer Experience Portal

· 2 min read

We've rewritten our Developer Experience portal and are releasing it as a major version. The new version introduces several new features in addition to bug fixes to some long-standing issues.

Check out the changes and how to migrate to the new portal.


Please checkout the new features in the portal here in our release blog.

In summary:

  • We've rewritten the portal from scratch to be lighter and faster.
  • We've overhauled the typography.
  • Endpoint reference design is improved. Models and enumerations now link properly to their descriptions.
  • Switching languages/templates maintains the current section.
  • A new Search feature has been added which allows quick jump to sections.
  • We've improved error message in case of an API call failure in console.
  • Descriptions must now be written in proper markdown. We do not support HTML in Markdown right now.
Content Markup

Content must be provided in GitHub-flavored markdown; HTML is not supported and will be rendered as text.

Heading Levels

Take care of heading levels; the portal generator will try to correct heading levels of content provided in API description but we do not correct custom guides right now. Incorrect heading levels can affect your navigation menu and links.

Since this release is a major version, please checkout the migration guide to see if the release affects you.

Migration Guide for Portal Embedded in websites

Customers who have embedded portals in their website should generate a new snippet for embedding.

Note that the new snippet no longer has support for setting an offset for top navigation. Instead the portal must be embedded in a container with a well-defined height and width; the portal will then occupy the parent container.

Migration Guide for Portals Hosted on APIMatic

All portals have been migrated automatically. No further action is required.

Migration Guide for White-labelled Portals

We'll upgrade these portals shortly after testing them. No further action is required.