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Improvements to OpenAPI and Postman Import/Export

· One min read

Support in Transformer for features of OpenAPI like API contact information and global tags has been added. In addition to this, improvements have been made to our Postman parsers including preservation of order of requests, support for folder descriptions and not nesting ungrouped endpoints into folders.


Improvements to OpenAPI (v2.0, v3.0) import/export

  • OpenAPI supports global tags to provide more details for the tags used in operations e.g. a tag description. These tags also help group operations and their order indicates the order of these groups. Transformer now supports tag descriptions as well as preserve order of operations according to the order of the tags.
  • Support for any contact information provided of the API in OpenAPI files has been added.

Improvements to Postman (v1.0, v2.0) import/export

  • Postman helps group requests in folders that can come with a description. Support for this has been added.
  • Order of requests and folders when importing from Postman will now be preserved.
  • When exporting to Postman, ungrouped requests were previously grouped into a folder named Folder. Now, ungrouped requests will not be nested into any folder.