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Introducing API Co-pilot - Your AI-powered Integration Assistant

· 3 min read

Introducing API Co-pilot - a powerful AI-driven assistant designed to streamline integration processes without any misleading information. Utilizing APIMatic’s developer experience suite, API Co-pilot empowers developers to expedite integration tasks and drive application development towards market success.


API Co-pilot is currently in the beta testing phase. It can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.


Combining APIMatic-generated SDKs, idiomatic code samples, and API documentation with cutting-edge AI technology, API Co-pilot is a sophisticated chatbot engineered to enhance the API integration experience. This intelligent tool can generate customized code snippets tailored to your specific requirements across various programming languages. Whether your project involves complex combinations of endpoints or intricate scenarios, API Co-pilot has the capabilities to assist you.

Enabling API Co-pilot

To start using API Co-pilot on your portal, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the API Co-pilot page in the portal editor.
  2. Turn on the switch to enable it.
  3. Customize the user's experience by adding a welcome message and suggestive prompts.
  4. Save your settings.
  5. Publish your portal.

By doing this, API Co-pilot will smoothly integrate into your portal and improve user experiences.


API Co-pilot is not available in preview portals.

How to add assistive Prompts in the Welcome Message

Adding assistive prompts with API Co-pilot in your portal editor is simple. Just access the API Co-pilot page, and within your welcome message, add inline code elements in an unordered list. API Co-pilot will then recognize these as your suggested prompts.

Here is an example:

Welcome to the Spotify Web API Developer Portal!

Explore the following prompts and harness the power of the Spotify Web API with API Co-pilot's assistance!

- `How to create a new playlist and add the 10 most popular Taylor Swift songs?`
- `How do I get the primary genre or category I listen to most, based on my top 50 tracks?`
- `How to add the song "Mockingbird" by Eminem to the end of the user's current playback queue.`
- `How can I follow the top 15 artists I listen to the most?`

Key Features of API Co-pilot

  • Hallucination-Free Code Generation: Ensure accuracy and efficiency in your development process with API Co-pilot. Our AI-powered tool generates idiomatic code in seven programming languages tailored to your query, minimising errors and speeding up integration.
  • Deterministic Code Generation: API Co-pilot ensures consistency and predictability in your development process. Our tool provides deterministic code generation, guaranteeing that the same inputs result in the same outputs every time.
  • Dynamic Use Case Guides: Empower developers with personalised, real-time guidance. API Co-pilot provides dynamic code samples for your API use case with code explanation, assisting developers in understanding and implementing API functionalities effectively.
  • Instant Assistance: Help developers understand your API functionality faster by providing instant guidance and support 24/7. API Co-pilot removes the need to consume all your API documentation.