NodeJS SDK Improvement & Superagent Client Bug Fix

Release DateJan 4, 2017
Change Type
Platforms Affected

Code styling within NodeJS SDKs is now improved. For everyone using our Node SDK with Superagent as the HTTP Client, there was a bug in the handling of response when response type is binary. It has been fixed so you can get the bug-fix by generating the SDK again.

  • We have been working on improving the quality of code in our generated SDKs. Code in our NodeJS SDK has improved and is better than before!
  • For people who were using Superagent HTTP Client with our SDKs, binary response type endpoints now work totally fine (we encountered a bug previously).
  • For everyone who was using our generated test-cases, tests were failing for binary and file type endpoints (with superagent client). That bug has been fixed as well.

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