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Setting Composer Package Name

· One min read

You can now set Composer Package Name for PHP SDKs being generated.

This will affect the name generated in the composer.json file. Leaving it empty will generate the a fallback package name based on your API name.

Detailed Changes

In order to set a Composer Package Name, you must provide a string with the format your-vendor-name/package-name.

Vendor and package names are case-insensitive alpha-numeric strings that cannot contain spaces but are allowed to have dots, underscores and dashes.

The Composer Package Name is set from the CodeGen Settings in the API editor.

Composer package name

The Composer Package name will appear in the SDK's composer.json file like this:

"name": "your-vendor-name/package-name",
"description": "...",
"require": {
"php": "^5.3.3 || ^7.0",
"another-vendor/package": "1.*"