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Some Improvements to Postman Import/Export to be Released Soon

· 2 min read

Improvements have been made to Postman import/export of versions 1.0, 2.0 that are expected to be released in the coming few days.

Following are the expected changes to Postman import/export across API Transformer and Dashboard:

  1. Any Additional Headers specified in the APIMATIC editor will be added to Postman requests at the time of export.

  2. Support for OAuth2 client ID/client secret examples is added in import/export.

  3. When exporting to Postman, we auto-generated sample values for request parameters and responses where no examples were available. Many improvements have been made to this sample generation including:

    • The samples generated will abide by various kind of type restrictions specified (if any) in the input API description including pattern, minimum/maximum length, minimum/maximum properties, minimum/maximum/unique items, multiple of, minimum/maximum value, total/fraction digits.

      Note: In case of any conflicts/ambiguities in the restrictions, the sample value will not be generated.

    • Generating multi-dimensional array examples will be supported for properties that are of such type.

    • For generating samples of models that support inheritance, the samples will include parent fields to any level of inheritance.

  1. Support for wrapping body in object added to export for cases where endpoint contained multiple body parameters with the WrapBodyInObject flag turned on.
  2. Some issues related to case-senstivity fixed in exporting OAuth2 grant type information.
  3. Fixed issues related to exporting invalid content-type information for responses.
  4. Handled descriptions getting missed for headers during import/export.
  5. Handled new Postman structure for specifying authentication information in the root object in Postman 1.0 export using property auth.
  6. Fixed a bug related to information from collection variables getting lost during import.
  7. Improved type extraction that occurs during import from Postman sample values which are provided for request parameters and responses. Also improved naming scheme for extracted models during import.
  8. Fixed a bug related to extracting path parameter name from request URLs.
  9. Improved auto-generated test cases when importing Postman: added missing support for KEYS body match mode.
  10. Added more consistency when loading JSON examples into models. Instead of loading examples at each property of the model or at both property and model level, the examples will now only be loaded at model level.
  11. Added warnings for cases when body data is specified for GET methods.