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Support for Exporting GraphQL Schema Files Now Available

· 2 min read

You can now export GraphQL schema files from your REST/SOAP APIs using API Transformer.


With the growing popularity of GraphQL APIs among the developers, we decided to add support for GraphQL schema for facilitating those who are looking to migrate to GraphQL from REST/SOAP. The exported schema file will use the GraphQL's Schema Definition Language (SDL) to define the possible queries that can be made as well the type of data that can be exchanged.

The exported schema will serve as a starting point for those looking to migrate to GraphQL. The following features of the schema are supported:

  • Object types
  • Scalar and Enumeration types
  • Input types
  • Arguments
  • Queries
  • Mutations
  • Lists and Non-null fields

In addition to above, the following conventions are followed for the exported schema:

  • The names of various components will obey the rules specified here.
  • Object/Input type names will be pascal cased.
  • All field names will be camel cased.
  • Enumeration field names will be upper cased.

Update: You can also check out our blog on this feature at this link for more details.


If you have any feedback/suggestions, please send them over to us.