Creating an account

You can follow the simple steps below to register an account with APIMatic.

Step 1: Sign-Up for an Account

Open up APIMATIC Homepage in a new tab on your browser and click on ‘Sign Up for Free’ at the top right corner of the page.

Open home page

Step 2: Enter Registration Information

You will be then asked to provide certain details necessary for the creation of your account. This will include personal information like your name, password for this account and contact details. The email address you provide will be used for sending the confirmation link. All the fields are required to be filled. Click on ‘Sign Up’ once you are done.

Registration Information

Step 3: Confirm Email

Confirmation Page

On successful signup, an email will be sent at the email address you provided during registration. You need to confirm this email address by clicking on Confirm Email.

Confirmation Page

Once your email is confirmed, you will be able to access your Dashboard that will contain all your APIs. An API description is added by default namely APIMATIC Calculator which will also be visible.


To get yourself comfortable with APIMatic, you can now create your first API description or directly generate an SDK for the already provided Calculator API.

Note   You will be able to try APIMATIC free for 14 days on this account. You can always update your subscription plan later as your requirements change.

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