Generating your first SDK

Generating SDKs

Once an API description is added to APIMatic, you can start generating SDKs for it. Lets generate an SDK for your first API description. On the My APIs page, click on the Generate button on your API tile. Generate SDK

You will be presented with a list of SDK platforms available for code generation. Choose your preferred platform.


Your API definition will then be validated. SDK generation cannot proceed if the validation fails. You will be required to fix the issues listed for your definition if that happens.

If the validation passes, you will be required to select the type of template for code generation. This will depend on the platform selected e.g. for Java you may see these templates available:

Choose Template

After you select a template, APIMatic will generate an SDK for your API within a few seconds which you can then download as a zip file or directly deploy to Github.

Download or Deploy

Congratulations! You just successfully generated your first SDK! You can learn more about how to manage your APIs by referring to the Managing Your APIs documentation.

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