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API Portal Overview

A good developer experience starts with a well-built API documentation portal containing every possible endpoint. The purpose is to showcase every detail of the API with proper descriptions and examples for smooth API usage by the developer.

With APIMatic, you can generate an API portal from your API specification file as a platform to host generated docs and SDKs. The portal is your developer's hub to see the HTTP Reference API Documentation, run your code samples, get SDKs, and much more. Here is a list of features the documentation portals offer:

  • Live API Playground
  • Reactive code samples
  • SDKs in all supported languages
  • Language-specific API documentation
  • Custom Markdown guides
  • Performance Monitoring with Analytics Dashboard
  • Auto-generated manuals

Live API Code Playground

The live API playground showcases how to call an API endpoint with live input validation. The API playground has auto-generated usage examples, reactive code samples, API response body and headers. The API code playground shows reactive code samples that change with the user input and the response can be viewed at runtime. User can provide values dynamically to see the output. Code samples are error-free and provided in a number of language so the developers can copy the code into their applications.

API Code Playground

SDKs in all supported Languages

SDK helps accelerate the API consumption process as the API integration becomes seamless and the updates are automatically generated in the SDK. The SDKs can be downloaded using the portal in more than 6 supported languages. Following are the supported languages:

  • Python
  • .NET
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP
  • TypeScript
  • Go (Alpha Version)

SDKs in supported languages

Language Specific API Documentation

The documentation section in the portal refers to the language-specific API documentation. All the endpoints are listed along with code samples in seven different languages. The HTTP reference can be viewed in the language of your choice and the "Try it Out" section allows you to try the API in real time.

Language Specific Docs

Custom Documentation

The API portal provides the flexibility of adding custom guides and documentation to the API portal. The custom guides, as the name suggests can contain any custom information about the API such as getting started, API usage, licensing, and much more. Custom guides are provided in Markdown format and it supports adding images and videos. You can add as many sections in the documentation to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Language Specific Docs

Portal Customization

For a better developer experience, you can customize the look and feel of your portal according to your own style. Customizations can be made to the generated portal such as uploading the company's logo URL, a cover image, adding the tagline and title of the page, and much more.

Customized portal

Hosting Options for Portal

The API developer portal can either hosted as a separate project entirely on a domain of your choice or you can embed the portal in your existing documentation site.

Monitor Portal Performance with Analytics Dashboard

APIMatic provides an analytics dashboard that monitors and analyzes the performance of the API portal for multiple API versions. The dashboard contains a number of metrics such as portal visits, page views, SDK downloads, and much more.