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This rule belongs to the import-validation ruleset and states that:

If a file path is provided, the file must exist at that path and be accessible. If path is relative, ensure that the file exists relative to the document/process referencing it, at the same path. If an absolute path is provided, it must be valid and accessible.

Maximum SeverityBlocking
MessageAPI specification could not be loaded from the given file path.
Rule SystemSemantic
Broad CategoryFile I/O Accessibility
Tagsimport api specification api file validation path read

Suggested Fixes

  • Make sure that the path is valid and does not contain any forbidden characters.
  • Make sure that the file name matches exactly with the name specified in the file path.
  • Make sure that the file exists at the path specified.
  • Make sure that the file path is accessible.
  • If the path is relative to another file's path, it may help to upload all relevant files in the form of a ZIP file.