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Added Support for Swagger 1.2 ZIP Files

· One min read

If you have a Swagger 1.2 API description file split into Resource Listing and API Declaration files, you can import/convert it using a ZIP file. Previously, such API description file could only be converted/imported by providing the Resource Listing file via a URL where all API Declaration files were located relative to this URL.


As per Swagger 1.2 specification, the Swagger API comprises of two file types:

  1. A Resource Listing file

  2. API Declaration files

Details on these can be found at Swagger API Representation. If you have the above files present locally, you can upload them using a ZIP file. The Resource Listing file must be present in the root folder and the API declaration files must be present relative to this file in a separate directory e.g.

-- Resource Listing file
-- folder-name\
-- API Declaration File 1
-- API Declaration File 2
-- .......

Resource Listing file and API declaration files must NOT be located in the same directory.