Array Serialization Formats

Release DateMar 6, 2017
Change Type
Platforms Affected

Multiple formats are now supported for Array serialisation in form and query parameters. Formats supported include UnIndexed, Indexed, Plain, CSV, PSV, TSV.

This settings can be set using our API Blueprint CodeGen setting extension named ARRAYSERIALIZATION.

Details: Format and examples

  • UnIndexed: bussinessAsset[]=1&bussinessAsset[]=2
  • Indexed: bussinessAsset[1]=1&bussinessAsset[2]=2
  • Plain: bussinessAsset=1&bussinessAsset=2
  • CSV: bussinessAsset=1,2 (Only for query parameters)
  • PSV: bussinessAsset=1|2 (Only for query parameters)
  • TSV: bussinessAsset=1\t2 (Only for query parameters)

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