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Support for User-Defined Test Cases Added in APIMatic For RAML v1.0

· One min read

We have added support for a RAML annotation that lets you define unit-tests for your RAML v1.0 methods within your specification. These unit-tests are then converted automatically to language-specific tests upon SDK generation.


Until now, APIMatic created test cases automatically during import from RAML files that contained enough request/response example data to create useful test cases. However, we have now added the ability to let users add their own test data for each of their RAML methods using our new unit tests annotation. This test data is then converted to language specific unit tests upon SDK generation that lets users test their SDKs more efficiently.

You can find more details about declaring and applying the new annotation to your methods here.


Test cases will not be auto-generated for methods containing user-defined tests.