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Multiple Datetime Formats in PHP

· One min read

We have now added support for multiple datetime formats in our PHP SDKs. The following formats are supported:

  • RFC1123 Datetime: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:45:30 GMT
  • RFC3339 Datetime: 2016-03-13T12:52:32.123Z
  • Unix Timestamp: 1480809600

Implementation details

Our PHP SDKs use the PHP DateTime class to provide this support.

Additional details

Multiple DateTime formats are also supported in Java, Android , Objective-C, C#, Python, Ruby, AngularJS and NodeJS .

You can find more information about supported datetime formats as well as other types here.


DateTime implementation in our SDKs can help you:

  • Focus on building the application logic instead of worrying about date/time serialization/deserialization
  • Handle different formats of datetime, according to what your API requires, without writing any code for it
  • Save time zone specific information (if required)
  • Avoid the hassle of configuring and consuming a 3rd party library for datetime manipulation