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Discriminator Support Added in Node

· One min read

Usage of discriminators is already supported by our code generation engine. We are happy to announce that now support for using discriminators has also been added to Node.

  • Discriminator is a field that is used to differentiate between a parent model and models that inherit from it.
  • The response is deserialized into the parent model or one of its child classes by inspecting the discriminator field's value in the response.
  • Using a discriminator field, you can build leaner models by not having to build unions of fields needed by a polymorphic response.

Please generate your SDK again if you want to use this feature.

Details Of Changes

The following changes have been made to the SDK:

  • In Model files, the discriminator field will now be identified with a flag (in the mapping information of fields)
  • A new function has been added to model files. It keeps track of discriminator values and their corresponding model class names.
  • The mapping functions present in ObjectMapper have been updated to take into account the discriminator values (if present) and return the correctly deserialized instances.
  • Some helper functions have been added to ObjectMapper class.