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Support for OpenAPI v3.1 Added in APIMatic

· 3 min read

Here at APIMatic, we are excited to finally announce support for OpenAPI's newer version v3.1 in all our major offerings including API Transformer, Developer Experience Portal and Code Generation. This format has now become a part of our ever-growing list of supported input and output formats.

Where is This Format Supported in APIMatic?

All products of APIMatic now support this format. You can import your OpenAPI v3.1 files into your Dashboard to generate a portal or SDK. You can also easily transform from one API description format to OpenAPI v3.1 or vice versa.

What Features of OpenAPI v3.1 are Supported?

OpenAPI v3.1 comes with a few structural changes as well as some new features. List of currently supported changes from this newer version of OpenAPI are listed below:

  • Schema Object is now a super set of the JSON Schema Draft 2020-12. We support the following changes (in both import and export) that are part of this draft:
    • Support for examples which was not available in the Schema object of OpenAPI v3.0.
    • ExclusiveMinimum and ExclusiveMaximum are now of type Number. Instead of using Maximum and a boolean ExclusiveMaximum, as was the case in the older draft supported by OpenAPI, you can now simply replace them with a numeric ExclusiveMaximum. The same applies to ExclusiveMinimum.
    • The type keyword in a Schema Object can be an array if it represents multiple types.
    • Instead of using the nullable keyword as was the case in OpenAPI v3.0, you can use type set to null instead.
    • format is now replaced by contentEncoding.
    • An empty schema indicates a binary type schema. This is in contrast to using type as string and format as binary in OpenAPI v3.0.
    • Support for a fixed value schema now uses a new keyword const.
  • JsonSchemaDialect in the root object can be used to store default JSON Schema Dialect information for schemas used in the API specification document. This is supported in export.
  • Info Object can now have summary along with description. In APIMatic, the description will take precedence over the summary.
  • Reference Object $ref can now contain summary and description to override the corresponding properties of the component being referenced. This is supported in import.
  • Support for remaining features of OpenAPI v3.1 that have not changed since v3.0 remains the same.

If you are looking to migrate from an older version of OpenAPI to the latest version or vice versa or simply looking to generate a portal or SDK with this newer version, bring your API to APIMatic today.

Learn more in our latest blog at this link where we break down all shiny features of this version in much more detail.