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Getting Started with APIMatic CLI

In this guide, we will walk you through the commands used within APIMatic CLI. Most of the commands require authentication and for that, you will need to create an APIMatic account on our website.


Signing up is free! Take a free trial by signing in to create an APIMatic account.


APIMatic CLI supports authentication via different methods explained below.

Authentication via APIMatic Credentials

APIMatic CLI supports authentication using the APIMatic credentials through which you signed in to your account. Use the apimatic auth:login command to authenticate via APIMatic credentials.

$ apimatic auth:login
Please enter your registered email:
Please enter your password: *********

You have successfully logged into APIMatic

Authentication via Auth Keys

Use the --auth-key option with the login command to authenticate using the API key. You can generate an API key by visiting the Get API Authentication Keys Docs.

$ apimatic auth:login --auth-key=xxxxxx

Authentication key successfully set

Overriding Auth Keys in API Calls

APIMatic CLI allows providing an API key for each individual command that requires authentication using the --auth-key option. This is useful when you need to override the authentication state of the CLI for a specific command.

$ apimatic api:validate --url= --auth-key=xxxx

Specification file provided is valid

Using APIMatic CLI Help Command

Run apimatic help to display a list of commands supported by APIMatic.

$ apimatic help

The official CLI for APIMatic.

@apimatic/cli/0.0.0-alpha.3 win32-x64 node-v14.17.5

$ apimatic [COMMAND]

api Transform API specifications from one format to another. Supports [10+ different
formats]( including OpenApi/Swagger, RAML, WSDL and Postman Collections.
auth Login using your APIMatic credentials or an API Key
portal Generate and download a static API Documentation portal. Requires an input directory containing API
specifications, a config file and optionally, markdown guides. For details, refer to the
sdk Generate SDK for your APIs

autocomplete display autocomplete installation instructions
help display help for apimatic

Related commands are grouped together into topics.To view the commands included in each topic, run apimatic [topic] help . For instance, to view the commands included in the topic api, run apimatic api help.

Each topic may have multiple commands associated with it. Run apimatic [topic]:[command] to display help for each command associated with a topic.

$ apimatic auth:login --help

login to your APIMatic account

$ apimatic auth:login

--auth-key=auth-key Set authentication key for all commands

$ apimatic auth:login
Please enter your registered email:
Please enter your password: *********

You have successfully logged into APIMatic