The Attribution Badge

Usage of the APIMATIC service requires you to display the APIMATIC Attribution Badge on your website / application unless prior communication has waived this requirement.

The range of APIMATIC Attribution Badges can be seen below.

How to Use

The APIMATIC Attribution Badge can be added through just two lines in your website’s HTML.

  1. Place the following script include at the end your <body> tag.
    <script src=""></script>
  2. Place the following div wherever you would like the badge to appear.
    <div class="apimatic-badge"></div>

Customising the Badge

Three variants of the APIMATIC Attribution Badge exist, which can be selected by providing a data-style attribute to the <div> tag. The possible options for this value are: blue, light, or dark. Note that the default value is blue.


For example, if we want the light variant of the badge, we would add the following HTML
<div class="apimatic-badge" data-style="light"></div>

Which would produce

Usage Guidelines

  • No customisations to the badge other than the data-style option previously mentioned are allowed.
  • The badges must be displayed at their correct size of 38px by 109px.
  • Placement of the badge is up to the end user, so long as it is not hidden, obscured, or modified from its intended form.
  • Multiple badges may be used, so long as there is at least one.

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