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Specification Extensions Overview

APIMatic allows you to extend the functionality of your OpenAPI/Swagger, API Blueprint and RAML specification files to cater to features not supported in the standard API specification. This allows you to configure APIMatic products including API Transformer, Code Generator and more. Some of the extensions also enable you to utilize parameter types for resources that are not natively available otherwise.

APIMatic offers Code Generation settings to configure generic code styling, endpoint settings, model settings, continuous integration settings and more during code generation. Similarly, Server Configurations can be used to create multiple environments, multiple servers, and server URLs with template parameters.

OpenAPI/Swagger supports vendor extensions and RAML supports annotations, so this allows users to extend their API specifications to utilize code generation, test generation and server configuration.

The specification extensions are supported through the following features of APIMatic:

  1. API Transformer
  2. APIMatic API
  3. Importing API Specification

Supported Extensions

You can find detailed documentation for APIMatic extensions available for OpenAPI/Swagger, API Blueprint and RAML: