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· One min read

We have updated our Android SDKs to use version 3.0.1 of the Android Plugin for Gradle, and have upgraded the Gradle version to 4.1.

The minimum SDK version has been raised to 16 and the target SDK version has been raised to 26.

Please regenerate your Android SDKs if you wish to get these changes.

· One min read

Our GO SDK has been revamped pertaining to multiple bug fixes and new features.

  • It now supports OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token for authentication in the generated SDKs.
  • It now has a base client that can be used as a single point of entry for the SDK.
  • The singleton architecture for clients has been removed to ease up the use in multiple user environments.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

· One min read

Our Transformer tool has been supporting HTTP Archive (HAR) format for a long time now. With the addition of new features to our APIMatic tool (e.g. support of multiple servers), there were a few updates required in our HAR parsers. In this regard, several missing features were added and some bugs were also fixed.

· One min read

A property is nullable if it allows sending null (in case of JSON/YAML, etc.) or nil (in case of XML) as value. Several API description formats like Open API, RAML, etc. has support for nullable properties. Transformer now also supports this property and you can convert between different formats without losing this information.

· 2 min read

Several API description formats like Swagger, RAML, WSDL, WADL, etc. support various kinds of validation keywords to restrict and validate instance values based on their type. Support for these validation keywords has now been added to Transformer. You can now convert between any of these formats without losing information for these keywords.

· One min read

There was a bug in the implementation of the Unindexed and Plain array serialization formats in Ruby SDKs. Arrays of models were not being properly encoded as form fields for the two mentioned formats.

Additionally, a bug in the initialization of inherited models caused duplication in fields with names longer than one word.

Both these bugs have now been fixed. Please regenerate your Ruby SDKs to get this fix.