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Managing Subscriptions

APIMatic offers various pricing plans to suit the need of the users. Learn more about our pricing plans here.

Subscription Overview#

This section provides an overall summary of the currently active subscription plan, usage statistics and billing information.


Current Status#

The currently active subscription plan is shown here.


A retired plan corresponds to an old KLOC based plan which has a 3 month transition period (end of November 2016) after which a new suitable plan must be chosen.


The outstanding balance in US Dollars.

Next Billing Amount#

The billing amount for the next billing period in US Dollars

Generations used today#

The number of SDKs generated on that particular day. The number of generations allowed per day depend on the subcription plan that you have.

Next billing date#

The date at which the next billing period starts.

Advanced settings#

Transfer Subscription#

Transfers the current subscription to the requested user.

Cancel Subscription#

Cancels the current subscription.

Changing your subscription#

Work in progress