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Update User Profile

You can update your APIMatic's user profile details, such as the name, company, email address and phone number. It can also be used to change your existing credentials for the account.

  1. Click on the arrow visible next to your name on the header navigation (once you have logged in). From the drop-down menu, click on Settings.

    Account Settings

  2. By default, the Accounts menu is displayed. This shows your existing profile details that were provided during registration.

    Account Settings

  3. Update your required profile details and click on Update. If you update your email address:

    • You will receive a verification email on your existing/old email address indicating email address change request.
    • Once you verify the change request, and log in to APIMatic with your existing credentials, you will be sent a confirmation email on the new email address.
    • Upon confirming, you will be redirected to your user profile.
  4. You can also update your account password and click on Change Password. You will receive a verification email on your email address to confirm the change.

  5. Once your changes are updated, a success notification pops up on the screen.