Previewing Your First Portal

To see what a complete portal for your API will look like, you can generate and preview one from the Dashboard. Simply click the Generate button on your API tile.

Preview portal

From the dropdown, choose the API Version you want to generate a portal for and click Proceed.

Select Version

This will initiate validation of your API Specification. Click Proceed to move to the next step.

Note   Portal generation cannot proceed if the validation fails. You will be required to fix the issues listed for your definition if that happens.

Upon successful validation, you will have a list of options available to choose from.

Click on Preview API Portal:

Preview portal

You will then be taken to a preview of the default landing page of your portal.

Preview portal

Congratulations! You just generated your first Developer Experience portal for your API. From here onwards, you can customize the look, feel and behavior of your portal or publish it. This is discussed in more detail here.

Next, let’s learn more about how you can manage your APIs in the Managing Your APIs documentation.

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