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Supported Versions and Dependencies

This page lists the supported language/framework versions and dependencies in each of the SDKs generated by APIMatic.

Supported SDK Language Versions​

This table lists all supported versions for each supported SDK language.

Language/PlatformSupported Versions
C# (a.k.a .NET).NET Standard 2.0. See compatibility table.
Note that our SDK uses C# language version 7.3.
JavaVersion 8+
PHPVersion 7.2 to 8.1
PythonVersion 3.7 to 3.9
RubyVersion >= 2.6
TypeScriptTypeScript Version 3.9+
For Node.js environment: Node.js Version 10.4.0+
For the browser environment: All modern browsers are supported. For older browsers, some polyfills might be needed.

Reference: .NET Standard Versions
This table shows the compatibility of .NET Standard 2.0 (used in our SDK right now) with .NET Core, .NET Framework and other .NET platforms’ versions.

.NET Standard


Supported Dependencies​

This section covers all mandatory and optional dependencies for each SDK along with any specific use cases where the dependency may be required.

Java SDK​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
okhttp4.9.1MandatoryAll SDKs
jackson-databind2.12.3MandatoryAll SDKs
jackson-core2.12.3MandatoryAll SDKs
jackson-annotations2.12.3MandatoryAll SDKs
junit4.13.1OptionalIn case of test cases
jaxb-api2.4.0-b180830.0359OptionalIn case of XML API specification
httpcore4.4.10OptionalIn cases like OAuth1TokenSecret or OAuth1CertPKCS12O or Auth1OneLegged
commons-codec1.11OptionalIn cases like OAuth1TokenSecret or OAuth1CertPKCS12O or Auth1OneLegged or OAuth2
jackson-jsog1.1.1OptionalIn case of jsog Identity type in models
slf4j-api1.7.30OptionalIn case of logging

C# Standard Project​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
Newtonsoft.Json11.0.2MandatoryAll standard projects
Polly7.2.1MandatoryAll standard projects
System.Collections.Immutable1.5.0MandatoryAll standard projects
System.Xml.XmlSerializer4.3.0OptionalIf ApiUsesXml is true
JsonSubTypes1.6.0OptionalIf ApiHasDiscriminator is true
APIMATIC.SDK.Common2.1.7OptionalIf UseCommonSDKLibrary is true
Microsoft.Bcl.HashCode1.1.1OptionalIf EnableImmutableModels is true

C# Test Project​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk15.0.0MandatoryAll test projects
NUnit3.12MandatoryAll test projects
NUnit3TestAdapter3.15.1MandatoryAll test projects

Python SDK​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
requests~=2.25.0MandatoryAll SDKs
jsonpickle~=1.4, >= 1.4.1MandatoryAll SDKs
cachecontrol~=0.12.6MandatoryAll SDKs
python-dateutil~=2.8.1MandatoryAll SDKs
enum34~=1.1, >=1.1.10OptionalIf the API uses models
nose>=1.3.7OptionalIn case of tests
jsonschema~=3.2.0OptionalIn case of oneOf/anyOf

Ruby SDK​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
logging~> 2.3MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday~> 2.0, >= 2.0.1MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-follow_redirects~> 2.0MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-net_http_persistent~> 2.0MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-multipart~> 1.0MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-gzip~> 0.1MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-retry~> 1.0MandatoryAll SDKs
certifi~> 2018.1, >= 2018.01.18MandatoryAll SDKs
faraday-http-cache~> 2.2MandatoryAll SDKs
minitest~> 5.14, >= 5.14.1OptionalIn case of tests
minitest-proveit~> 1.0OptionalIn case of tests
nokogiri~> 1.10, >=1.10.10OptionalIn case of XML


DependencyVersionRequired/DevelopmentUse Cases
ext-curllatestRequiredAll SDKs
ext-jsonlatestRequiredAll SDKs
ext-mbstringlatestRequiredAll SDKs
apimatic/unirest-php>=2.3.0 <3.0RequiredAll SDKs
apimatic/jsonmapper>=3.0.4 <4.0.0RequiredIn case of tests
squizlabs/php_codesniffer>=3.5 <4.0DevelopmentIf CodegenSetting.DisableLinting is false
phan/phan5.3.1DevelopmentIf CodegenSetting.DisableLinting is false
phpunit/phpunit>=7.5 <8.0>=8.5 <9.0

TypeScript SDK​

DependencyVersionMandatory/OptionalUse Cases
@apimatic/schema0.6.0MandatoryAll SDKs
@apimatic/core0.7.7MandatoryAll SDKs
xml2js0.4.23OptionalAll SDKs
typescript3.9.7MandatoryAll SDKs
stream-equal2.0.1MandatoryAll SDKs
tsdx0.14.1MandatoryAll SDKs
tslib2.1.0MandatoryAll SDKs
@types/xml2js0.4.5OptionalIn case of XML specs