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SDK Coding Standards

At APIMatic, we’re obsessed with the quality of the code we generate, so our SDKs are compliant with the latest industry accepted coding standards. This makes our SDK code consistent, reliable and maintainable. Moreover, to ensure that the SDK code adheres to the coding standards, we use coding style checker tools for each language as an extra step.

The following table provides information about the coding standards and coding style checkers used for each language:

LanguageCoding Standard UsedCoding Style Checker Used
C#MSFT C# Style GuideRoslyn Analyzers
JavaGoogle Java Style GuideCheckstyle
PHPPSR-12 Coding Style GuidePHP CodeSniffer
PythonPEP8 Coding Style Guidepycodestyle
RubyThe Ruby Style GuideRuboCop
TypeScriptPrettier-like StylePrettier

You can also learn more about what versions our SDKs support for each language.