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Test Generation Overview

You can define test cases for your endpoints using our online API Editor. At the time of SDK generation, in a particular language, the test cases are automatically generated for that language. Furthermore, we generate CI configuration files that build the SDKs and invoke test cases seamlessly.


The currently supported languages for test cases generation are:

Test Validation

The test cases you define are also validated at the time of code generation. Some examples of where test validation may fail could be if your test case name is invalid (contains unaccepted characters or is too long, etc.), you may have entered invalid HTTP codes or the input parameter value may not be valid for the parameter type. In all such cases and many others, proper errors/ warnings are displayed to the user.

Customizable Test Generation Settings

Moreover, you can even customize your test cases and how they are generated by adding metadata and additional settings to your API so that your API definition is a complete package.

For more detail on these settings, learn how to Configure Test Generation Settings for your API specification.