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Configure Test Case Generation Settings

You can import your API definition file along with a Metadata file that will allow you to configure test case generation for your API. Details on the available test case generation settings in the UI can be viewed here. The same configurations can be made using the Metadata file Test Generation Settings Object as follows:


"TestGenSettings": {
"Configuration": {},
"TestTimeout": 30,
"PrecisionDelta": 0.01

Test Generation Settings Object

Name : TestGenSettings

The available properties and their respective types are as follows:

TestTimeoutIntegerNumber of seconds after which the test should timeout.
PrecisionDeltaFloatNumber of decimal places to cover when comparing precision types in test. For example, a precision delta of 0.1 would mean that all precisions will be compared to 1 decimal place only.
EnvironmentStringEnvironment to use when running tests. The name of the environment must exactly match with the name of a pre-defined environment in the API definition.
ConfigurationConfiguration Parameters ObjectThe configuration parameters allows you to provide initialization values for Configuration file for use in the test environment.

Configuration Parameters Object

The configuration parameters object allows you to provide initialization values in the form of key-value pairs for the Configuration file which will be used in the test environment e.g. you may specify a new URL for baseUri parameter. This can be useful if you require to test your endpoint responses from a sandbox environment instead of a real environment (which would otherwise make use of baseUri described in the API Description). Similarly, you can also define values for test authentication parameters within these configuration parameters.


  "Configuration": {
"baseUri": "",
"apikey": "972938472934234"