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Specifying API Metadata

You can import or convert your API definition along with a metadata file that will allow you to configure Code Generation and Transformer Settings for your API, override authentication settings or control parsing of some components. This provides you with the following benefits:

  1. When importing an API through the APIMatic Dashboard, this file enables you to configure Code Generation settings for your API. This is useful when you are importing from a format other than APIMATIC that does not have support for specifying additional parameters useful only to SDK generation in APIMatic.
  2. You can override the default authentication settings of your API with those specified in the file.
  3. Helps you import various components of an API definition file in accordance with any rules specified in the settings.

How to Provide the Metadata File?

  • You can provide this file along with your API definition during import through APIMatic Dashboard or when converting APIs through the Transformer.
  • The metadata file must be a valid JSON file and the file name MUST start with "APIMATIC-META". It will contain various JSON objects that will help specify the metadata.
  • The API definition must be provided in the form of a ZIP file that contains both the API definition and this metadata file. Within the ZIP file, the metadata file must exist at the same level as that of the API definition. It should not be nested at a different level.

Metadata Options

Using the APIMatic metadata file, you can configure the following settings for your API:

Transformer Settings

CodeGen Settings

Code Generation